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Some families are just fucking dysfunctional and I'm pretty sure that a family where brothers pimp their sisters out, are totally fucking dysfunctional.

And I'm willing to that bet that Christmas dinner at said family's house is real fun! "So mom, did I tell you about the porn video I made of my little sister last week?"

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OK - so I prey on such families - get the brothers to drag their sisters in so I can fuck the little sluts - and I even let the brothers film it all. But it's not every day that I get a sister that likes it as much as this little slut did.
Hey guys, don't fucking freak out on me already - I put all the frickin videos on the web so you can totally check them out - see if your slutty sister's been hanging at my house. Fuck dude, I'll hammer her too!
Want to know what drives a guy's sister to letting him film her?
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